Aftermarket AM Stereo Car Radios


The following AM Stereo-equipped car radios have been sold through aftermarket sources in North America. Unless otherwise indicated, these radios are the standard "DIN" size, have digital tuning, and include a Stereo cassette tape player.

The radios labelled as "Multi-System" were designed to receive all of the AM Stereo systems used prior to 1993, including Motorola (C-Quam), Kahn, Harris, and Magnavox. See the History page for more information on these systems.

American Audio ET-8602

Audiovox Hi-Comp HCC-2150
Audiovox Hi-Comp HCC-2250

Audiovox CPDEQ - Direct replacement for full-size Chrysler radios
Audiovox GMADEQ - Direct replacement for full-size GM/Delco radios

Becker Gran Prix series - Mostly installed into Mercedes-Benz cars, Becker car radios briefly featured AM Stereo capability, mostly in 1986 and 1987.

Blaupunkt Berlin TQR-07 - Switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth; ARI on FM (predecessor to RDS)

Blaupunkt Dallas SQM-08 - Stalk-style control panel with separate tuner/amplifier unit; switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth; ARI on FM (predecessor to RDS)

Blaupunkt Tucson SQR-06 - Switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth; ARI on FM (predecessor to RDS); requires separate amplifier

Blaupunkt Stuttgart - Switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth; factory equipped on the early 1990s Porsche 911

Blaupunkt Washington SQR-09 (?) - Switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth; unknown if it features AM Stereo or not
Blaupunkt Washington SQR-49 - Switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth

Clarion Audia 200E - Premium late 1980s radio with AM Stereo, switchable Narrow/Wide bandwidth, and lots of other advanced features. Requires the use of an external speaker amplifier.

Clarion 990E
Clarion 8900RT
Clarion 8925ST
Clarion 9000E
Clarion 9425RT - Switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth

Clarion 9900X
Clarion PP-9383L - Has "Bose" printed on Cassette door; factory-eqipped (OEM) on Nissan/Infiniti cars in the early '90s.
Clarion also made AM Stereo car radios for use as factory equipment on various brands of cars, including SAAB. See the listing of factory-equipped AM Stereo car radios for more information.

Concord HPL-500 (?)
Concord HPL-550 - With rare DBX cassette noise reduction (as well as Dolby B and C NR)!

Eurovox MCC 2300R
Eurovox MCC 2301R
Eurovox MCC 2330R (?)
Eurovox car radios with AM Stereo were also installed as factory equipment on various cars in Australia starting in 1985, including BMW and Holden (GM).

Grundig UC-436

Kenwood KRC-939 - Multi-System

Kenwood KRC-8001 - Narrow/Wide Bandwidth selection; switchable 9 or 10 kHz AM channel spacing (for world-wide use)

Kraco ETR-1084
Kraco ETR-1090

Marantz 701 - With switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth, and rare DBX cassette noise reduction (as well as Dolby B and C NR!)

MetroSound AMS 400 - A unique AM Stereo converter designed to add multi-system AM Stereo capability to an existing car stereo system. Works by retransmitting the received AM Stereo signal through an FM Stereo channel, just like a CD player modulator! (However, these radios can easily be modified to provide a direct Line Level Stereo audio output.) Uses the Sony multi-system AM Stereo decoder chip with "forced Stereo" operation, just like the Sony SRF-A1 and SRF-A100 radios.
These were manufactured in 1985 and were targeted to the Los Angeles area, which had a high number of AM Stereo stations using the different Stereo systems at the time. The MetroSound AMS 400 was also sold in the J.C. Whitney mail-order automotive parts & accessories catalog in 1985 at a price of $90.00 each. However, for some reason a lot of these unique radios were never sold, and had been sitting in a warehouse, still in the original, unopened boxes.
After this inventory was discovered several years ago, most of it was bought by Chris Cuff and resold to AM Stereo enthusiasts through this web site, but at last check there are still 1000 of these radios left in storage, which unfortunately are only available on the condition that the buyer purchase the whole inventory at $5 each. If you are interested in this investment, please contact Chris Cuff for more information.

To view the Owner's Manual for the MetroSound AMS 400, click here!
And for more information on this very unique radio, visit the Projects page.

Mitsubishi "Diamond Audio" JX-3 and MX-4 - please see the Factory Equipped Car Radios page for more information.

Omnivox CR620

Philips car radios - some with AM Stereo were factory-equipped on Toyotas in Australia

Pioneer KE-8003ZH - Narrow/Wide Bandwidth selection; sold in Australia (9 kHz channel spacing); may have also been used as a factory-equipped Toyota radio.

Pioneer KE-A433AM
Pioneer KE-A633AM - Narrow/Wide Bandwidth selection; sold in Australia (9 kHz channel spacing); appears to be the same basic design as the Sherwood CRD-210 (see below).

Realistic Catalog No. 12-1923 - Made by Alpine(?); sold at Radio Shack from November 15, 1985 through 1988

Realistic Catalog No. 12-1933 - Made by Sharp(?); sold at Radio Shack from 1988 through 1991

Sansui CX-990 - Multi-System; switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth; one of the first AM Stereo car radios ever made, introduced in early 1984; later versions may have been only designed for the Motorola C-Quam system.

Sharp RG-B914 (BK)

Sherwood CRD-150

Sherwood CRD-180

Sherwood CRD-210

Sherwood CRD-250
Sherwood CRD-350

Sony XR-A33 - Multi-System; switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth

Sony XR-A57R - Multi-System; switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth

Sony XR-A100 - Multi-System; switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth
Sony XR-A740 - Multi-System; switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth

Sparkomatic SR-420 - Switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth(?); with Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) (?)
Sparkomatic SR-425 - Switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth(?); with Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) (?)
Sparkomatic SR-430 - Switchable Narrow/Wide Bandwidth; with Dynamic Noise Reduction

Sunkyong SIR-7900

Visteon CD-6 - NOTE: The aftermarket version of the Visteon CD-6 is NOT equipped with AM Stereo, while the factory-OEM version (used by Ford Motor Co.) does have AM Stereo. So, when obtaining one, make sure it is the factory-OEM Ford model so that it will have AM Stereo capability.

Voxson car radios - In the mid to late 1980s, all Voxson home and car radios sold in Australia were equipped with AM Stereo!