Factory Equipped AM Stereo Car Radios


Ford Motor Company (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury) - Another one of the "Big Three" makers of AM Stereo car radios. Like Chrysler, Ford has been equipping many of their cars with AM Stereo radios since 1985. Through today, most premium level Ford radios have had AM Stereo, although some regular model radios also have been AM Stereo equipped. Most recently, the "CD-6" radio with built-in 6-disc CD changer, manufactured by the Ford OEM company Visteon, is equipped with AM Stereo capability. Other Ford Motor Co. radios known to have AM Stereo include:

General Motors (Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Cadillac, GMC Truck, Saturn) - The final member of the "Big Three" of AM Stereo car radio makers. GM has been equipping their vehicles with AM Stereo radios since the 1985 model year; however, in recent years, only Cadillac cars are equipped with AM Stereo radios. The other brands unfortunately have not offered AM Stereo radios since the late 1990s.
GM's car radios are made by Delco, now known as Delphi, and the most popular model with AM Stereo is the "UX-1", identified by its "AM ST" button and 5-band graphic equalizer. The UX-1 was used from 1985 through 1993, when it was replaced with newer models with Expanded Band coverage (up to 1700 kHz) and AMAX-certified AM Stereo. Some of these newer radios have the manual "AM ST" button while some do not. GM/Delco has made a wide variety of AM Stereo radios over the years, but like Ford, most of them have been in the premium level stereo systems; accordingly, the vast majority of Cadillac cars since 1985 have had AM Stereo radios as standard equipment. Saturn only briefly offered AM Stereo radios in about 1993 to 1994 and they never mentioned it in their brochures; if you're lucky, a premium level Saturn radio with graphic equalizer from these years will have AM Stereo.
The following GM/Delco radio models are known to have AM Stereo capability: