I would like to personally thank (in alphabetical order) the following individuals who have provided us with station info as well as some helpful advice:

Bill Adlhoch in Detroit, MI - Bill is a member of the National Radio Club which he considers to be "an invaluable resource for AM DX'ing".  Also, it is Bill's hope that as a result of this page, "AM STEREO can expand or at least not have the big stations turn it off for good."  Hopefully, this will be the case if we all work together. 

Cris Alexander - Cris is the Director of Engineering for the Crawford Broadcasting Company. He writes, "I applaud you for your very thorough, very informative AM STEREO web page.  You have done a very good job of getting the truth out about AM STEREO."  This comment, coming from a man who is responsible for 17 AM stations (14 of which currently broadcast in stereo), is unquestionably one of the most gratifying privileges I have ever been afforded. 

Matt Bailey in Adrian, MI - Matt is an evening air personality at WLEN-FM in Adrian, and his "prized possession" is the coveted and rare Sansui TU-D99AMX digital AM STEREO tuner. He has also provided me with some invaluable info on AM STEREO stations in Atlanta.  Thanks Matt, and hold on to "your baby"! 

Marc Baillargeon in Edmonton, AB - Marc has become my "Official Confirmation Source" for all the AM stations in Alberta which intelligently continue to broadcast in stereo, and those which have not so intelligently decided to kill their stereo broadcasting.  Thanks Marc!!  

Mike Batchelor - Mike is the Webmaster of The Missouri Radio Page.

Eric Bueneman - Better known on the air as E.B. Stevenson, Eric has been an avid DX'er since 1981 and AM STEREO listener since 1986 and is presently a fill-in personality and production assistant at non-commercial 88.7 WSIE FM in Edwardsville, IL.  He has previously worked in St. Louis at 95.5 WFUN-FM (when it was Fun Radio), 920 WGNU and non-commercial 89.5 KCFV FM.  He also worked at 1080 WFTD in Marietta, GA and was instrumental in selecting the station's current Harris DX-10 transmitter, which went online in 1991; he also tried to get AM STEREO in at the station prior to his departure in May 1992.  In addition, he served two brief stints as host of E.B. Stevenson's Oldies Cafe on non-commercial (and now silent) 102.5 WGHR FM in Marietta, GA.  Eric considers himself lucky to live in a market where there are still four AM STEREO stations (two of them owned by the Crawford Broadcasting Company) and has been an invaluable contributor to this page over the years.  Thanks Eric!

John Byrns - A self-proclaimed "AM STEREO history buff", John has graciously provided me with the references for the the 1959 AM STEREO systems mentioned above.  My sincere thanks to John for this information, as I am hoping all interested individuals out there will benefit from it.  

Ian Cameron in Saint John, NB - Ian is the Program Director, Chief Engineer & Head Bottle Washer for Country 94 in Saint John.  My thanks go out to Ian for providing me with a good deal of additional and very useful information on AM STEREO.

Bob Carter in NC - Bob is the Program Director/Operations Manager & Engineer for WGAI AM 56 STEREO in Elizabeth City, NC.  

Robert Casey in Silicon Valley, CA - Robert is also of the opinion that people should be encouraged to call up AM STEREO stations and tell them there are those of us out there who do have AM STEREO receivers and how good their station's signal sounds.  As stated above, I absolutely agree with him.

Chris Cuff  in NY - I must give credit where credit is due, and I have to say that Chris Cuff has been absolutely instrumental in his encouragement and support as well as the technical information he has provided me with since I took it upon myself to weave this page.  Chris has told me that the very first time he came across this page he thought to himself, "This page was written for me."  I must say I was very flattered to learn this.  The really cool thing about Chris as well is that he not only modifies every type of AM radio known to the history of the world to be stereo capable, he also builds his own.  This is the man to talk to if you want to know more about AM mono-to-stereo conversions or anything else technical to do with AM STEREO. Drop him a line if you want to talk shop.  He'd be more than happy to hear from you and to help you out.

Christian Dady in Northfield, MN - Christian is the Music Director of "The Midwest's FIRST AM STEREO Station," KYMN.  Also, Christian informs me that his station advertises itself as "STEREO KYMN".  'At a boy, wish there were more stations out there like yours who did this.  If you can pick up KYMN in your area, drop Christian a line and let him know about it. I'm sure he'd appreciate the feedback.          

Ragnar Danneskjold in Maricopa County, AZ - Ragnar is also another AM STEREO fanatic who has been out spreading the word about the only way to listen to any type of format on AM radio.

Jeff Deck in Columbus, OH - An avid AM DX'er and fellow AM STEREO nut, Jeff has been kind enough to provide me with many confirmations of stereo stations as well as other assorted AM STEREO information.

William Demmery in Ottawa, ON - William is the man responsible for Canadian AM Radio Directory, but he's also into other things too.  Check out his other page.

Fredric Einstein in Detroit, MI - Another fan of AM STEREO, Fredric is willing to help out anyone who is interested in obtaining further information on how to convert their SONY multi-synchronous detection units (i.e., SONY 2010, SW-77, SW-100, or ICF 2002) to be Motorola C-QUAM AM STEREO capable.  Drop him a line at feinstei@earthlink.net     

Rhonda Fogg in Forrest City, AR - Rhonda is the Administrative Assistant (aka "Superwoman" and "Tyer of Loose Ends") of Classic Rock 950 KXJK AM STEREO.  She says, " We work very hard at keeping our station sounding its best, and having it in stereo is a BIG part of that sound, especially with some of our more 'acoustical' tunes."  OK folks, stand up and take notice here:  an AM STEREO Classic Rock station.  Now, that's cool.  If you agree with me on this, drop Rhonda a line and let her know. She'd love to hear from you.        

Werner Funkenhauser - Werner is the Webmaster of  The WHAMLOG Page (a superb resource for AM radio enthusiasts) and has also been another instrumental force in spreading the word on AM STEREO.   Thanks so much for all your help Werner!  

Ron Haney - Ron is Director of Engineering for New Wave Broadcasting and has been kind enough to bring to my attention several AM STEREO stations in both Texas and Mexico. Thanks Ron! 

Mark Howell in Bakersfield, CA - Mark is News Director at KUZZ AM-FM/KCWR in Bakersfield, CA.  Mark says, "Good luck in your effort to keep AM STEREO alive."  To that I say a very big "Thanks!!"

Norm Lehfeldt in San Francisco, CA - Norm writes, "None of the AM stations in the Bay Area seem to be promoting stereo, although some of them did until recently.  It seems to me that if they did promote this fact, they could possibly generate a demand for receivers."  Are you listening to this out there?  (GM's, OM's, PD's, MD's, this means you.)

Gord Lansdell in Vancouver, British Columbia -  Gord is the Webmaster of the Northwest Broadcasters Website and has also taken it upon himself to send me some valuable info regarding West Coast AM STEREO stations.  As always, thanks so much!

Jeff Logan in California - Jeff is a man who listens to AM radio "almost exclusively".  He would also be interested in hearing from anyone who may have the manual for the Sanyo MW-250 AM STEREO boombox  mentioned above.  He'd like to get a copy of the manual if he could.  If you can help him out, please drop him a line and let him know.    

David McKay in Melbourne, Australia - David is indeed a true enthusiast of AM STEREO and has been a tremendous help in supplying me with a great deal of information on the AM STEREO stations "Down Under".  (Not to mention some great airchecks of various Australian AM STEREO stations.)  David is always looking for individuals to swap AM STEREO airchecks with and if you're interested in such an undertaking, be sure to drop him a line.  He'd be more than happy to hear from you. 

Norm Murcheson in Nanaimo, BC - Norm (aka The Tunesman) has been a tremendous fan of AM STEREO since its inception, back in the "bad, bad old days."  Upon receiving the coveted Sony SRF-A100 from The Sony Store for Christmas back in the '80's, Norm has been a certifiable C-QUAM addict ever since.  (Glad to hear it.)  My sincere thanks go out to Norm for all the info and memories he has shared with me concerning the best thing to ever happen to AM radio:  AM STEREO (as if you had to guess).  Norm's favorite pet peeve regarding AM STEREO is "stations which merely use an exciter to broadcast the 25 Hz tone to light up the stereo indicator on receivers and have glorious mono audio or even worse, those that use a comb filter to "synthesize" stereo.  Yech!!! Such nonsense died a painful death in the '60's, folks!"  (I hear ya, Brother!)

Mark A. Nodine in West Covina, CA - Currently involved in the telecommunications industry, Mark still maintains an interest in and contacts in the broadcast biz.  Also an amateur radio operator, Mark (aka KJ6MS) has woven a web page dealing with the topics of AM Dxing and Ham Radio.  Click here to check it out.  Finally, Mark has kindly provided me with some invaluable info on West Coast and Mexican AM STEREO stations.  A big "Thanks" for all your help, Mark!      

David Sharp in Tampa Bay, FL - David "works in the biz" and is yet another fan of AM STEREO.  David goes on to say, "I think you actually undersell the product (AM STEREO); it is fantastic!!  Despite all the good you say about AM STEREO, I don't think it can be hyped enough!!!!"  I think you hit the nail right on the head with that one, David!  (Any of you "disbelievers" out there listening to these words?) 

Allen Sherrill in Bellevue, NE - Allen is the Chief Engineer of 1180 KOIL AM STEREO. KOIL also has an expanded band AM STEREO allocation on 1620 with the calls KAZP.

Chuck Simpson in St. Augustine, FL - Chuck is the Director of Engineering at 1170 WKLN AM STEREO as well as a certifiable AM STEREO nut.  He has also woven the STEREOAM.COM page.    

Kevin Tekel - Kevin is not only into AM STEREO, he is also a big fan of DOS.  Check out his page; on it you'll not only find info related to these topics, but also the single most comprehensive, up-to-date listing of  Worldwide radio stations who are confirmed to be broadcasting an AM STEREO pilot tone.  Check it out!!  By the way, Kevin has also been one of biggest supporters of my efforts to date, and I am truly appreciative of this fact.  It is Kevin who is responsible for the "Official AM STEREO Logo" which appears on the front page as well as having graciously provided us with the images of  1010 CFRB AM STEREO and 1070 WKOK AM STEREO.  My sincere thanks to you Kevin for both your past and continued assistance and encouragement.  As well, Kevin wants everyone to know that, "At least here in New Jersey, AM STEREO is still very much alive and well!  I'd say more than half of the local stations here use AM STEREO."  Very encouraging indeed, don't you think?   

Dave Vollenweider in Waterloo, IA - My thanks to Dave for providing me with some terrific AM STEREO info from Iowa.  Furthermore, he says, "I'm no radio expert, but I have seen the light, and it is AM STEREO!"  Kinda hard to argue with that, isn't it?

Kent Winrich in Milwaukee, WI - Kent, besides being a big fan of AM STEREO, is also the author of the Wisconsin Radio Page.  He would also "love to get his hands on that Sony SRF-42 Walkman."  If you can help him out, or know of anyone who can, please drop him a line.

Oh yeah, a big thanks to F. Y. in Sydney, NS for that long drive on Route 105 all those years ago in that 1985 Buick LeSabre of yours.

OK.  This is the last "Thank You" (I promise.)  The following individuals, in one way or another over the years, have made it an absolute pleasure to listen to the radio.


These guys truly do have a "style all their own".  It's too bad there weren't more out there like them.